Last day.

Today is my last day in New York and my last day off from work for awhile. This is the third time I’ve been to NYC in the past year, with JMO coming home, it will probably be my last trip visiting a resident of the city. Any future trips will probably consist of paying for a place to stay. Gross.

This year really more than any before, I haven’t worried incessantly on a trip, thus ruining half of it. I still get concerned about getting lost or not knowing where the nearest restrooms are. But I have become more comfortable with the unknown. I’d like to give partial credit with mellowing out and partial credit JMO. The boy repeatedly tells me that something is not near as big of a deal as I make it out to be. After two years, I think the theory is starting to sink in. Some things are a big deal. A lot of things aren’t. (No more vacation for awhile is a big deal). It may sound silly to someone who does not freak out on a regular basis, but believe me- being calm is wonderful and I like it a lot.

We are about to head out to enjoy the Natural History Museum and today has warmed up to about 40. It should be a fun final day.