My sister has turned into a teenager.

The Emily Pickert that hates clothes, braids, headbands, matching shoes and anything but a volleyball tshirt has changed. This new person is taller than me, fitter than me, maybe smarter than me, and cares about her ensemble. I really never believed she would grow out of throwing a fit when I bought her a dress or looking at me like I was crazy when I suggested a purse. This girl carries purses. I like her. I look forward to forcing her to be a bigger part of my life. We are nearing an even playing field and can now carry on a conversation lasting longer than 10 minutes. I look forward to a life of travelling with my baby sis, shopping, going to museums and movies and confiding in her. Emily Pickert is one cool TEENAGER.
EP is pictured at the Feista Farm, she did not want to ride the real horse.

One thought on “My sister has turned into a teenager.

  1. Awwww….I remember when I played tic tac toe on our way to the pistachio farm in Ruidoso. Oh how shes grown up!!!

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