I sound semi prepared for something.

Mike and I just finished our road trip brainstorming session. I’m flying out to Orlando on Saturday to pack my brother up and take a week to drive from Orlando to San Antonio. I haven’t been off an entire week since this time last year and I need to escape. I desperately miss summer and holiday vacations and think my mental health is deteriorating without these breaks. I have high hopes for this trip. I hope to bond with my brother, who I haven’t spent this much time with since we lived in the same house. I hope to bond with my grandparents a little. I hope to get a tan and to RELAX.

The line up right now looks like this:
Saturday: Arrive in Orlando. Michael is organizing a community garage sale. We’ll pack up whatever is left. That night we will go see Pete Yorn at the House of Blues and go out with his friends for a last hoorah.
Sunday: Start the driving. Stop in St. Augustine. Remark that it is the oldest city in America. Sit by the beach. Drive to Savannah.
Monday & Tuesday: Stay in Savannah. Details to come. Rent bikes on a tiny island? Eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant? Go on a ghost tour? Go on a swamp boat tour? More details to come here.
Wednesday: Drive 8 hours and land at grandparents home.
Thursday: Bond with grandparents.
Friday: Drive over to Biloxi. We were planning on staying here at our dear dear Martin’s Lake, but if you stay a weekend you have to stay 2 nights, and that was a little too much. Now we will ride paddle boats swim around and rinse off in the communal shower area before or after eating at a casino buffet. I heard Boomtown was no more, which is slightly upsetting. But we will drive by one, feel nostalgic about it and choose it. Then we will play black jack because we never could when we lived there. Then we will drive to New Orleans.
Saturday: Spend the day in New Orleans walking around and buy art and sno-cones and margaritas.
Sunday: Head on home. Not sure if we’ll make it all the way back to San Antonio or just Houston. So between a 6 to 9 hour car day. I need to get some music together and possibly a book on tape we would both enjoy.
I’m excited.
P.S. Does anyone want to take me to the airport on Saturday morning?