Rainbows and sunshine.

I’m burning cds right now for the possibility of a car ride. I am no longer positive I will be spending 20+ hours in the car with my little brother. Car difficulties. Details to be determined. I have a one way ticket to Orlando on Saturday morning. I still plan on going, I still plan on escaping my work life for a few days, but all the fun day to dayness will have to be flexible.

It is already decided that Savannah MUST stay on the trip itinerary. Biloxi can go. New Orleans can go. Grandparents stop must happen if there is a car ride. But Savannah must happen. I have grown excited and am in awe of the charm of the city. I need to see it. Paula Deen must make me a meal and I need to run into Ruby on a street corner.

So cross your fingers that my trip turns out to be exactly what I need and not a reminder that cars are the worst investment in our lives.