Christine’s Bridal Shower


Christine is getting married and the festivities have begun! Her party was wonderfully planned by the maid of honor, Kim. Kim gave all of us bridesmaids (pictured above) our tasks for the day. When you only have to be responsible for a fraction of the shower, it is not nearly as overwhelming.


My fraction of the shower was to make the sangria. And if I say so myself, it was well done. I used The Pioneer Woman’s recipe from her cookbook. Christine’s Great Aunt Jeanette brought me a piece of paper and a pen and told me, “Jot down these ingredients!” I’ve made the recipe a few times now and it has been a pretty big hit each time. I noticed several people popping the lid off to scoop fruit out and sticking their cups under for more.


The rest of the food spread was quite impressive, and sadly I failed to get a picture of it. We had sandwich fixings, salads, sausage balls, spinach dip and fruit trays. We ate. It was delightful. Christine got lots of wonderful gifts and it was really neat to see all her relatives and friends there to celebrate her.

Christine has really grown up into a real woman in the past few years. She is a very hardworking, caring, and entertaining girl. At her shower we got the chance to meet those people that have known her from a childhood, those who have known her from high school, those that have known her from college, those from work and those people that just know her from life. It was fascinating to see the many people from the many areas of her life. The first festivity was fabulous and I can’t wait for everything else. Congratulations Christine! We love you!


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  1. You are a wonderful thoughtful friend Meggers. The sangria was the hit of the party. 🙂 Thank you for coming and celebrating the day with me. I had a fabulous time and I hope that you did too.

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